Will I need a uniform?


Are there extra costs whilst doing the course?

No. The course fee includes everything – stock whilst training and all text books.

Is everything explained to me at the interview?

Yes. All information is explained before the course starts and a copy of the Student Handbook is given to you to keep. This contains all terms and conditions.

Do I need to pay extra if I am sick or cannot attend a class or sit the exam?

No. This is all included.

Are the dates and times of your courses flexible?

Yes. We work out classes around each student by prior arrangement. We can do this because our classes are purposely small.

When is your next start date?

We have a continuous intake of students and start courses at times that suit our students. The first step is to book an interview time.

Do models have to pay for services received by a training student?

No, not whilst you are training. It is free for the model.

Are your courses nationally accredited and why should it matter?

Yes. We offer Nationally Accredited Training. It matters because if you want to be paid the award rate, you must have an accredited certificate.

All insurance companies now only cover professionals with accredited certificates.

Why are your courses shorter than at other schools?

We only have 2 students per class. Others have up to 20 students per class and it takes longer to see each student therefore extra course time is required. We spend one on one time with each student from the start to finish.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Are you skilled? Need the paperwork to prove it? Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) could be the answer for you!

Further information

Please contact the school to discuss your requirements.